Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This is the other lady in my life.I have had her for a year now .She used to live next door to me till her owner died.She is (dare I say it)32years old and has been looked after imaculately,and she is such a pleasure to drive when I can afford it!!!
Oh by the way I had better introduce you to her .Her name is Gertrude(Gerty for short),and she is a 450 SEL,a real classic lady.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Times just fly by ,or is it that I am slack,that I have not kept my blog updated.But I have been busy and I have started an Advanced Diploma course in jewelley at Central TAFE here in Perth two weeks ago.I already have a degree in jewellery but I felt I needed to learn more about some of the techniques that I have been interested in like Mokume gane.Anyway I dont think you ever stop learning.
The images above are two commission pieces I made for friends in the last couple of months.
Tha bracelet was made with sterling silver and 9ct gold.The sections inside were alternate gold and silver sections which were folded and hand forged to give them texture.
The ring was made from 18ct white gold with an Okoya pearl.It was an anniversary gift.The couple were married by the sea, so I made the ring to represent the ocean surounding the pearl which is still in the oyster.
Both pieces were well recieved,which made me very happy.It is nice to see ones work appreciatd.It makes it all worth while.
Bye the way if anyone is interested I took the photos.