Sunday, September 23, 2012

Last night we attended one of Perth's Fashion Festival events where my jewellery was used with Empire Rose's designs. Here are some of the images taken on the night.

The bracelet is my work.

This neck piece was made from sterling silver and gilding metal.

Neck piece was constructed from fold forming gilding metal.

As it was a tribal theme this neck piece was made from a silver plated Emu breast bone antique Osterich  feather and red coral.

This piece was constructed from found steel,red coral,bamboo sterling silver and red chord.

Neck piece  made from copper,gilding metal and antique Osterich feather.
These images were beautifully taken by

Friday, September 14, 2012

This neck piece is more of a sculptural piece than a piece of jewellery I designed it for it to be worn on the catwalk if the theme was going to be tribal.It is constructed with wood,Baltic Amber,leather and I am not too certain where the Ivory comes from ,by that I mean what kind of animal ,as I bought it a long time ago in an antique shop in Scotland,and it is set in sterling silver.