Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Pendant-fold formed gilding metal and silver.
 Pendant-fold formed sterling silver patined .
 Neck piece "Tribal #2"silver plated Emu breast bone and antique Ostrich feather and red coral.
 Pendant-sterling silver fold formed patined with 9ct gold
 Pendant fold formed gilding metal with shell fragment
 Brooch reticulated sterling silver and 9ct gold.
 Ring fold formed sterling silver."Feather"
 Ring "Flight" fold sterling silver.
 Neck piece fold formed sterling silver and gilding with silk scarf.
 Pendant-"Pipe Line"fold formed sterlingb silver and 9ct gold.
 Neck piece formed gilding metal with patina and Amber.
 Neck piece -patined formed gilding metal with shell.

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